Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knitted Friendship Afghan

Last February (2009) I bought this yarn with money I got for my birthday. I had hoped to have the afghan done within a year but it took me a few extra weeks. Not that this is such a big project, I just don't have a lot of time to sit and work on it. The majority of it was knitted while waiting for Dancer in her dance class and also while waiting for Spark at swimming lessons and gym class.
This is a very easy project, perfect for the begining knitter if they want a larger project than a scarf. The afghan is called a friendship afghan because it could be knit by seven people and then sewn together. Nice for a group to give a gift to someone. It uses seven colors that are knit into seven panels. Each panel is seven squares long. The afghan I saw was for a baby but I made it bigger for us. For each row cast on 32 stiches and garder stitch back and forth until it is square, for my guage that was 60 rows. At the end of the first square switch to the next color and so on. For the next panel start with the color yarn that you finished the last square with and do another seven squares each time advancing all the colors up one spot. Sew the seven panels together and the afghan is done.

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