Monday, March 15, 2010


Last year Spark was carrying around a stick he found in the bonfire wood pile. I told him "Wow, look at your Shillelagh." He replied, of course, "A shill what?" I describe what a Shillelagh was, important I thought since he is part Irish. He carried his shillelagh around all summer, wackin' at weeds and trees (it was too short for a walking stick). His shillelagh is lost at the moment, at least until all the snow melts. For St. Patrick's day we are making a new shillelagh.

The shillelagh is an ancient Celtic tool and weapon. It is made from a piece of hardwood that has a large knot at the end, or more often, one cut where it joins a larger branch. This device is often seen in Irish legend, lore and pictures. It can be seen in the modern day too. The Boston Celtics logo features a leprechaun leaning on his shillelagh and the winner of the annual USC Trojan vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish football game take home a jewel encrusted shillelagh. I'll provide more info on making your own when our camera is back from the perpetual repair shop.

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