Thursday, March 25, 2010

Money is money - it all spends the same

While Dancer was at her dance class tonight Dad, Spark and I stopped by a new video game store. He man there gave Spark a t-shirt with the store name on it and told him to wear it every where he goes. Spark will be a loyal customer now, he put the t-shirt on over the shirt he was wearing while we were at the store he was so excited about this shirt.

He is looking over all the games and find one that he wants. He went out to the car to get his money and comes back in with a jelly jar of change and a napkin (we use cloth napkins so it was sturdy) full of coins tied up with a pink pipe cleaner. He dumps the change out and I untie the napkin, which only has dimes in it, and start to count it out on the counter. This did not embarrass Spark at all, he just went on like it was the most normal thing in the world to pay for purchases with jars and napkins full of change. The guy comes over and says he will help us count it because I can see he is thinking that this could be an all night affair and they closed in an hour. I think Spark had a total of eight quarters and the rest was dimes, nickels and pennies. Spark did have the exact change for the sale though! I asked the guy if he has many sales like this and we were his first one but he won't be surprised if he has more. I guess it would be better to get a napkin full of change than a bounced check.

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