Tuesday, March 16, 2010

States Project

Today was the day the kids showed their states project with a bunch of other homeschoolers. Dancer did Arkansas, which she had a post about, and Spark did Idaho. As obscure as Idaho seems for our area of the USA there was another child who also chose it.

The meeting place was a church in the neighborhood by the university in town. No parking because it is so expensive to park on campus that commuters park blocks and blocks away from the school and walk. We went early with the hope of getting one of the five spots that the church has - we did yippee! The roads it seems are changed every year on which ones are one ways and which aren't. Most of the one ways I figured out when I was already half way down them, didn't cause any accidents thankfully.

There were about 20 kids who participated. They were each suppose to make a poster about any state they wanted. A few duplicates and then Alaska had three for some reason. Some of the posters were really well put together and had a lot research done on them. The kids each gave a little speech about their posters and it was clear who had really gotten into the projects and enjoyed them and who did one just to get it done. Over all it was fun afternoon, not something we would take part in very often but a nice change from our usual activities.

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