Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Camera

We got the call last night about our camera, it was not able to be fixed and we should come in and get a new one. We had sort of expected, from looking on the internet, that this would be the case since that was the tale that everyone else had to tell.

I tell you they are a lot more helpful when they are selling the warranty than when they are honoring it. It was a huge deal that we had all the paper work, which we did in a neat little bundle. This seemed to bother then them, especially when they said, "do you have the original receipt?" and we did, still looking as crisp as the day we got it.

Next was to get the replacement camera from a bored, nineteen year old in the customer service who acted like she was doing us this huge favor by replacing our broken under extended warranty we bought with the camera. Then I asked her if the three years left on the warranty transferred to the new camera with the same paperwork. Nope, that warranty was done because we had already used it. So it wasn't a four year warranty it was a one time warranty? Yup if they can't fix the broken one, but we can buy a new one with this camera. Well I had better, I told her, they obviously don't work very well and I just spent a $175 dollars on this camera by using the warranty, plus now the cost of the new warranty. Now we knew why all the reports we read said that they don't fix them every often.

We had more trouble with the warranty than this but these are the highlights. Grrrr. Anyway we have a new camera that is exactly like our old one after two weeks without one at all, and for this I should be so grateful that it was replaced. I would have been much happier with the old one that had worked and not broken at all.

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