Thursday, March 4, 2010


After suffering with dial up internet service for years we thought we should try out a new service from This coarse piece of string actually runs through meadow and wood, over hill, over dale 17 miles to the nearest large town where a similar can sits next to a server...

No, we are still on dial up. If there was such a service like this it, like any faster service, wouldn't be available in my area. Having slow internet has allowed us to develop some ways to pass the time waiting for uploads and down loads.

Things to do while waiting for a picture to download onto the blog:

Tuck point all the loose bricks in Great Wall of China.

Copy War and Peace onto parchment with a goose quill using non-dominant hand.

Take down the pyramids at Giza, carefully numbering each massive stone block, ship them back to the states and reassemble in front of the brother-in-laws drive way for a kickin' April Fools Day prank.

Clean hardwater and soap scum off about a half square foot of shower door glass.

I guess you get the idea. Hmmm, maybe I can talk to the bank about a 2nd mortgage to pay for satellite internet. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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Shari said...

This was really funny! Thanks!