Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye Ed

Our dear friend Ed died today. He will leave a deep hole in all our hearts.
We met Ed when we bought our first house 19 years ago. He lived two doors down and came over to check us out. Nothing happened the neighborhood that Ed didn't know about and since he wasn't a gossip he would go and get all the neighborhood news first hand. He was the go to person if you needed anything from a ride somewhere, a tool or something fixed. He was always on hand to help with a project and could tell if something was level just by looking at it. Every night when it was warm out Ed would have his garage door up and would be sitting out there waiting for the neighbors to start filing over. People would come and go all evening and there was always pop in the fridge and snacks on his counter for the kids. Dad and Ed fiercely competed every year to see who would have the first red tomato and other garden treats. He was like grandparent to our kids (as was his wife when she was alive) so much so that we went to their house on Christmas Eve and exchanged gifts. We were very blessed to have had him as part of our lives. You never left his house that he didn't hug you and say "goodbye Ed loves you," so goodbye Ed we love you - hugs.

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