Friday, April 9, 2010

This is unacceptable!!!

"This new housing assignment is totally unfair", complained Klaus the buck. "I mean look, I've fathered 6 kids so far this year, with more to come, and I'm kicked out of my comfy stall, forced to live out in the corral in some bachelors shelter without a soft spot to lay my head".

"I'm down with the male hanging out in a waiting room during the birth; bragging ,handing out cigars, accepting congratulations and shaking hands. But afterwards I should be able to live in the home or homes as the case may be. Am I not the king of my castle(s)?".

"I am not taking this laying down!!! As soon as I can bust out of this fence I'm calling the ASPCA", mumbled the disgruntled caprine through a mouthful of cud.

Klaus is actually living high on the hog this week. He has lots of room, all the hay he can eat and the company of all the pretty nanny goats that aren't kidding this spring. But then if you know goats, you know they are ALWAYS complaining about something.

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