Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beware of hidden food coloring

Dancer is so very allergic to food coloring. Orange is the worst and then any derivative of orange. She was quite ill last month with a cold and took some Dayquil. She is so careful with food that when she was suffering and took the Dayquil our thought was to relieve her symptoms and it didn't register that Dayquil is probably one of the orangest products on the market. She broke out with eczema horrible, even her ankles and lower legs which she has never done before. So that was our oversight. But the other day she broke out again. When that happens we know that we missed something. We went back over everything we had eaten, what could it be? What could it be? Dad started the task of reading the labels of all the things that had touched her lips. It was pickles. Come on food manufactures, pickles? Why, oh why, oh why, oh why, would you feel you need to artificially color a pickle?

We almost always buy plain old, pickle colored, organic pickles. We were out the other night when Grandma and Grandpa were going to come over to supper so we asked them to pick up a jar on the way over. We make our own relish for hot dogs and such so we threw them in the food chopper, put them on the table and Dancer probably had no more than a tablespoon of the relish. Argh, we won't make that mistake again.

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kariwhite said...

oh no!

We've recently discovered that our 5 year old daughter is sensitive to food colorings. No eczema, at least at this point, but she ends up with ADD like symptoms instead.

I hope Dancer is better very very soon!