Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Starting the garden

The kids and I put the start of a garden in today. Last year Dad made a garden close to the house and so I wanted to have that one for our garden and all the ones scattered about the property can be market gardens. I want the one up by the house so that it is easier to water and is close to run out and get something without having to go out past the barn to get it. What a wonderful plan I had. It has already gone by the wayside. Our first farmers' market is May 19th so if we are going to have anything besides baked goods and rhubarb we needed to get some seeds in the ground. Dad tilled the garden this past weekend and we had a glorious half inch of rain so this garden was the best choice for putting in a few things. We got three different radishes in, they will be for the market, 18 hills of potatoes, they will be for Spark's 4-H project and two rows of sunflowers, they will hopefully grow tall enough to give a little privacy from the road. I am hoping tomorrow morning to get a few rows of lettuce in before we need to leave for town.

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