Monday, April 12, 2010

We didn't know she was pregnant

I no longer believe that there are any hard and fast rules about goats and I will not believe, with 100 percent certainty, any information we think we know about goats.

Dancer and Spark, thank heavens, were outside when Klaus, our buck, started jumping on Veronica, the doe that we were pretty certain wasn't pregnant. Dancer got over there as the head was out and by the time I got out the baby was laying on the ground. Dancer quick got a scoop of grain to lure Klaus away from the baby and Veronica while I ran in the corral to get the baby. It was still in the birthing sac so I wiped the mouth and nose quick, plucked it up and brought it in the barn. Veronica was also interested in the grain and so it was a little tricky to get her in while keeping Klaus out. Once we got Veronica in she started licking the baby off, it hopped up in record time and nursed like a little champ. Dancer took this picture not long after it was in the barn so it is still wet and covered with goo. Dancer wanted to name a goat Rubyanna this year but we thought we were done kidding so the name would have to wait until next year. Not so, here is little Rubyanna!

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