Thursday, April 29, 2010

For the right price, everything is for sale

We have ads out to sell eleven of the goats. The calls have been coming in and we have had a few people come over to look at them. This wonderful, interesting couple came to look at the little bucks. We were standing out in the yard talking about the bucks and a couple of the rabbits raced by. They were amazed that the rabbits didn't run away. Nothing runs away from our house, even with encouragement. The man wanted to know if we had a brown female, which Spark thought he did but it was a male. The man went into the barn to look over the rest of the rabbits and picked out a spotted female. Then he saw Creamy, Sparks beloved rabbit. "Is he for sale?" he asked. "Yep," said Spark. What!!! Creamy who is his beloved rabbit who we had to keep even though we didn't need another male, who we have been feeding for two years, who we couldn't get rid of no matter what because Spark couldn't possibly live without him in his life. Then Spark, the smooth talker, said, "I want to sell him for $15 but the lowest I will take is $10." We have to do some work on his sales technique! The man said he would by Creamy for $15 and the female for $5. Sounded good to Spark. He had those rabbits in a box so fast I don't think they know how they got in there.

They had to write Spark a check and he ever so seriously spelled his name out for the lady. He brought the check right in and hung it on the fridge. We took it to the bank and he proudly presented it to the man and got his twenty dollar bill. This was major excitement for him this week.

End of the story, they left with two rabbits and no goats. At least Spark made a sale!

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Just an Average American Mom said...

HA! HA! HA! I love that story. Sounds like my boys. We are still working on the sales techniques.

Good Luck with selling off some of the goats.