Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fundraising, Blizzards, and shopping

Our 4-H group was able to do a fundraiser at a place where they shoot clay pigeons. We sold hot dogs, pop and water so it was super simple to work at. The place was about 45 minutes from our house. The kids and I set off for our 12-2 shift, when we are half way there and I realize we didn't bring the camera with. We try to take it with us most places we go because you never know when there is going to be a great photo op.

When we get to this place there is a big shooting show. Really cool, they shot lots of clay pigeons in different formations, golf balls, charcoal, full paint cans, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, cabbage, lettuce and spray cans of whipped cream. That wouldn't have been cool enough to wish we had the camera with but of course when they called for volunteers to throw the charcoal up Spark was chosen. He and six other kids started launching them into the air as fast as they could. He was also chosen to start one of the shooting demos. We will just have to remember his few minutes of fame in our memories.

After the fundraising we headed into town to the Dairy Queen. They had buy one Blizzard and get one for a quarter promo. We got two and split them between the three of us. Thankfully this promotion won't be on all summer or I think we would be as wide as we are tall. I just love Blizzards but since they are so expensive we splurge on them about once a year.

A Super Walmart was really close so we swung in there to do a little shopping. I say little because we only picked up a few necessities and groceries but the bill was still over $60. Everything sure adds up fast.

It is raining, which we are very thankful for, and gloomy so our motivation for the rest of the day has been low. We did only the chores that needed to be done and called it good. Now we are sitting down to big bowls of popcorn and watching "Hairspray."

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