Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Service/repair men make me uneasy

We had a service man out to hook up satellite internet for us because we just can't stand the slow dial up internet anymore. I loved the price, $9.95 a month, but it just wasn't meeting our homeschool needs. He came and put the dish on the house and then needed to come inside to set up the computer program part. It took what seemed like forever and he was right in our dining room also known as where we do school. We did school in the living room but it still seemed weird to be conjugating verbs with a stranger listening to us. Lunch was also put off until after 2:00 p.m. because he was right at the kitchen counter and I felt too odd to go in there and make lunch.

He was barely out of the driveway when it quit working. Dad called him and he was going to try to find a new modem for us and come back. Meanwhile, Dad had to go to bed because he is working tonight. The service man comes back about 3:30, hooks up the new modem and it still doesn't work. He has no idea what could be wrong, but he being a patient, diligent man, he keeps replacing parts, wires, and tapping on the key board etc.

Dad has to get up at 5:45 for diner and it's now getting on to 5:25. I haven't started anything, because once again, I don't want to be cooking in the kitchen with him sitting at my kitchen counter. I also don't want him here after Dad has left for work and it is just me and the kids. That would make me really uncomfortable. I try very hard not to have people come and do work or buy animals when Dad is not home. Actually, I would probably feel the same way about a service woman, it's more just trying to go on as normal with someone else in the house. He was a very nice, polite man whom we had gotten to know over the last seven hours but that doesn't mean the kids and I want to be alone with him in our house. So I pray, "Please God, let this work so he can go home to his family and we can get on with dinner before Dad has to get up for work." I didn't hardly have the last word out when he announced that it was working! He was planning on his day being done about 1:00, and he was still at our house at almost 5:30, so he quickly said to call if we had anymore problems and was off. Good news, it is still working perfectly!

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Just an Average American Mom said...

I am the same way. In this day and age anything could happen.

We schedule everything around my husbands days off if possible.