Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here's Charlie! Yesterday I was just getting ready to start dinner when Dancer looked out and said "I think Calliope is in labor." We run out there to see and there is a little goat laying on the ground with her looking over it. She had a daze expression on her face like, did that just come out of me?! We scooped it up and brought them both in to the barn because it was cold and windy. She started to lick it off and sort of understand that this was her baby. We didn't want to wipe it off to much because we wanted her to bond with it since she seemed so confused about it. Dancer kept her on task for about 45 minutes because she would keep going off to eat. We had to run to baseball, by the time we got back she had it up and dry but it didn't look like it had eaten. Dancer got it in position to nurse and he took right to it. This morning Calliope is still just standing by it but I think she is going to turn out to be a good first time mom.