Friday, April 16, 2010

Something's burning

Our rooster, Wooton, has the most beautiful tail. Well, he had the most beautiful tail. We have a heat lamp in the barn, which we only have on when we are out there because the temps have been warm enough for the little goats. We use it for a little extra light at night so we can see better in the back stalls. Wooton was sitting by where it is hooked on to the top of a stall, probably warming himself up because it is a colder night and our chickens are such babies about the weather. We are going about getting chores done and Spark says he smells something burning. Then Dad says he smells something burning. A quick look around and they saw it was Wooton's tail feathers. I was just coming in the door with a bucket of water so if he had been on fire it would have been the perfect time for it to happen. Instead, they just sort of melted on the bulb and he didn't even know it. Dad shooed him off the end of the stall and we took note of the damage that had been done to his tail. He no longer has a beautiful tail, it looks more like a trimmed feather duster at best.