Friday, October 21, 2011

Bert's Bath Day

About once a month Bert takes a bath.  We have tried to figure out when he does it and put a pie pan of water in his house but he never uses it.  He bathes in his water dish.  He stands on the edge and dips his chest and head into the water.  He gets completely wet and then shakes like a dog.

He was really fluffed up and going at it until I came in with the camera.  As soon as he sees the camera he gets excited.

Bert got right up in the front of his cage on the closest perch to check out what I was doing.  We don't know if he likes his picture taken or if he is just interested in the flash.

He was so wet he was dripping.  In the winter, when it is colder in the house, if we hear him bathing we quick run a space heater in his room so he doesn't get chilled.

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