Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Walks

Being outdoors in the fall is such a treat for the eyes.  We were down by a river that still has a railroad bridge over it.  In our area there aren't a lot of railroad lines left as most have been made into walking/biking trails.  There was a lot of wildlife here to keep us entertained.  We watched an otter scamper on the other side of the river, he was checking out every tree and dipping in and out of the water.  He must have known we were of no threat on the opposite shore as he didn't even seem to look at us.  Even though he didn't act like it I assume he was well aware we were there.

Dancer took this picture of a shallow pool under the bridge, really liked her composition here.

Granite ghost.  Most of the rock here is granite and there are big quarries and there are chunks of granite everywhere - parks, businesses, road ways, parking lot dividers or just dumped by the river to protect the shore from erosion where someone put their artistic flare on it.

God must love the 70's, here he made outdoor shag carpet in the popular 70's color harvest gold.  When Dad and I bought our first house it had a harvest gold fridge and as a kid I had a harvest gold phone.  Wonder how long until that decorating color comes back, you know it will.

Heading back up over the railroad tracks.  I didn't even know Dancer had taken this picture until we got home and downloaded them.

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