Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Owl Cupcakes

To make these you need:

cupcakes with chocolate frosting
peach rings - I found these at Target and they came 22 in a package. 
Mike and Ike's
chocolate chips

On the frosted cupcakes put the two peach rings for eyes.  Inside each eye we put a little dab of frosting to make the chocolate chip eye ball stay in place.  Mike and Ike for the beak.  Pipe some frosting across the top of the eyes to make the forehead feathers.

Since we ran out of peach rings we used the Mike and Ike's to make monsters out of the rest of the cupcakes.  Sending these to work tonight with Dad so his co-workers can have a little treat.  It should be a nice 2 a.m. pick me up with all that sugar.

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Amy Dingmann said...

Super cute cupcakes! You always have such creative ideas on your blog. :)

By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog - if you're into the "award" thing. :)