Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Monster Corner Book Marks

These are book marks that you slip over the corner of a page in a book.  We made one and then Dancer really took off and made a whole mess of monsters.  This is only a few of the ones she made.  I love all the different teeth she gave them.

To make these, you first need to make a template.  In the corner of a sheet of paper draw a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch square.  To the top and to the right of it draw two more squares the same size.  To the top cut the left side of the square off and to the right cut the bottom of the square off at an angle right through the middle of it to make a rocket shape. 

Cut out one shape using the template and two smaller triangles in a coordinating color, we didn't have a template for these, just sort of eyed them in the corners of the paper.

Fold the left "rocket tail" over half of the square and then the right half over the left half or vice versa.

Glue the top of the first half to stick the two "rocket tails" together.  Add the two colored triangles and then decorate to make a monster.  Dancer did use an envelope for the eyes and teeth because regular copy paper wasn't heavy enough. These would also be cute as Santas or other holiday characters.

Slip it over the corner of a book to mark your spot.  This one was eventually made into a monster.

This one, to Dancer's disbelief, I left just a plain old ordinary book mark.  It was all she could do not to add at least eyes on it.  I show this one too because I made it with printed scrap booking paper that was only printed on one side so I needed to cut out two pieces of the rocket template and glue them together or else either the top or the bottom was white.  Never folding scrapbook paper before it never dawned on me that it is only printed on one side.