Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Five Contacts

My cell phone was in a sad, sad state.  It has never really held a charge, it is always going in and out of the service area and it's screen had gone blank.  Today we stopped to put it out of my misery and get a new one.  After picking out a new one, the service guy hooked the old one and new one up to some machine to transfer the data from one to the other.  It gets all done and the man says, "You only had five contacts transfer."  Oh good, I thought, now I don't have to program all those numbers back in, actually I would have had Spark do it.  He said it again and asked if that could be right.  Yeah, how many do other people have?  Between 300 and 600.  Seriously?  I don't even know that many people and I surely wouldn't call them on the phone if I did.  So instead of feeling like a loser who has only added five contacts on her phone in the last six years, and one I just put on this summer when Dancer got her phone, I have decided that my phone contacts are A-list people in my life.  Dancer, Dad, our home phone, Grandma Pat, and one of my friends, who I so rarely call I found out today had gotten a new phone number a couple of years ago, are on my A-list!


Just an Average American Mom said...

You are doing good!

I don't even have a cell phone to have contacts in. Still leaning on my brain...You know how we did it back in the day.


Swimtaxi said...

I like the idea of an A list. That made me smile.