Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Sure What To Do

We stopped at a rest area on the freeway this past weekend and were confronted with this.

What could this possibly mean?  Is it just as it looks, need to only do #1 go to the left or if it's #2 go to the right.  Is there better ventilation or stronger flushage on the right?  Or is that women are known for going to the restroom in groups?  A single woman to the left or if there are two or more in your group go to the right?  Curious, we check them both out and couldn't find any difference so we are still not sure if we used the right one.


Amy Dingmann said...

HA! I have never seen that before...I wonder what the heck it meant? I'm glad you researched though, tried them both out and all. I'm sure this qualifies as using the scientific method... ;)

jugglingpaynes said...

You cracked me up with this one! Too funny!

Peace and Laughter,