Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Too Nice Not To Blow Off School

When you live where it is possible to have snow on the ground eight months out of the year, you take advantage of nice days October.  This month has been unseasonably warm here in the great white north, we have hit over 80 degrees a couple of times in the last few days.  Our norm for this time of year would be about 60 degrees for a day time high.  On the weather they said today broke a record from back in 1890 something.  If these temps only come around every 130 years I feel it is our duty to enjoy them.

We spent the late afternoon taking the canoe out, hopefully not for the last time.

Dad helped them get all their fishing gear and themselves into the canoe.  For some reason this step always invokes quibbling between them.

Off they paddle.

It seems every single time they have to go through the rushes, the turn must be too sharp from the dock to the lake.

They made it right through and were on their way.  They have gotten quite proficient at paddling and steering the canoe.  We taught them the old fashion way, put them both in the canoe and shove them off to figure it out for themselves.  Through trial and error they learned.

After Spark and Dancer came in, Dad went out with Dancer to try fishing in a little cove across the lake.  I fished off the dock but only got one fish that was nothing to brag about.  As it was getting duskier the mosquitoes started to dine on us.  Spark and I decided to call it quits when we needed two hands to swat at them all and drove to a side road where we could see the cove, we couldn't see it from the dock, to make sure Dad and Dancer were still afloat.  They were so we headed home to start chores and dinner.

We realized that Dad had the house keys in his pocket out on the lake so we did the chores and then waited on the porch for them to get home.  It was a happy sight to see them drive in.

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