Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Spark!!!!

We were very happy to wake up this morning and find that Spark felt like celebrating his birthday.  Yesterday he had a temp and wasn't feeling well at all, I was worried that today would bring more of the same and he would spend the day in bed.  This morning, while not a 100 percent, he popped right up to start his big day.

First thing was to go to co-op where the kids play leadership games in the gym and run some energy off.

Next is art where they had a cool project today.  They had these little orange frames that they taped on the window and then drew whatever was in the frame.  The last hour of co-op is science.  Spark passed out his chocolate chip cookie ice cream treats for everyone to enjoy and then we were off to Pizza Ranch for lunch.  For the afternoon he chose to go to the Goodwill and Pawn America, two of his favorite stores.  We dropped Dancer off at her ultimate Frisbee game and went to the store to pick out his cake.

On the way home from town Spark wanted to hide a geocache in honor of his birthday.  We had to drive down a few roads until we found a suitable spot for one.

Dad and the kids double checked the coordinates of the cache site.

The sky for his birthday was very winter looking.  The year Spark was born we wore shorts to the hospital and came home with him in winter coats.  His birthday can be either really nice weather, or very winter like weather.

At home Spark finally got to open his presents he had been excited about all day.  There wasn't enough time to open them before we left in the morning.

He got a Lego game for the Wii, one of those balls that bounces about a gazillion feet high,

a Lego's Star Wars set, a remote control helicopter and

his favorite, Sprite pop!

We enjoyed his cake that was sporting 11 candles this year with a scoop of ice cream.

The movie he picked to watch this year was Rango, which we bought last week but saved until this week to watch.  We use to go to the movie on our birthdays but it seems that there is never a good one out when our birthdays come around.  Rango was good but so not much a kid's movie.  I would have given it a PG-13 rating, but then my idea of what a younger than 13 year old can watch and what movie raters think must be a lot different.  Much of it went over his head, so why put those parts in the movie anyway?  Spark fell asleep about a quarter of the way through it so he didn't see any of those parts and I don't think it will be one of those movies that they want to watch over and over.

Happy Birthday Spark - You're the best!!!!!

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jugglingpaynes said...

I like Johnny Depp, but I opted not to see Rango based on the commercials. You could tell where some of the jokes were going! Of course, I didn't care for Shrek either. I think one of the reviews we read for Rango complained that it couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a movie for kids or adults. I think too many movies these days fall back on the easy, raunchy or gross jokes instead of actually trying to write something funny.
Look what you started. Now I'm ranting. :o)

Happy birthday, Spark!!

Peace and Laughter,