Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Indoor Goat

Desdemona is not what you would call a nature girl.  To get her to go outside we physically have to drag her over to the gate, push her out and quick shut it before she can get back past us into the barn.  The problem is that she is "over conditioned."   That is the nice way in animal talk of saying that she is fat, not what we want if she gets pregnant this year so she needs to get out and move a little.  That's all we ask, just a little.

She hates being outdoors so much that when we put her out two days ago we came out later to find that she had some how squeezed her over conditioned body through the side of the gate and was laying asleep in front of her pen.   The next day we shoved her outside and we put an extra latch on the door so that there would be no way she could get back in.  She found a way.  Her pen door had been left open and when we went out to the barn she was back in her house. 

Dad made some more changes to the gate so she is going back out tomorrow.  That is if we can get her out.  She is on to us, when we go out to the barn she runs to the other side of her pen and will only look out the middle door.   Maybe we will have to put a treadmill and yoga mat in her pen. 


Carolyn said...

Wow, never heard of a goat that wanted to stay IN the barn. When I do have to have one of mine locked up at night (during kidding season or sickness) they can't wait to get outside! Is she hiding a television set an bon-bons in there??

Amy Dingmann said...

Treadmill would be a great idea. Although...she's gotta be burning some sort of calories getting back into her pen... :)

Swimtaxi said...

That is so odd, but funny!