Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Careful what you say

We dry a lot of our own seeds for the next growing season. Either so that we get exactly what we want the next year from a good plant, or we get new produce we are impressed with from somewhere else and dry those seeds. To dry them we lay them out on pieces of paper, let them just sit about for a few weeks, then pick them off the papers, put them into envelopes and label them. Sounds simple doesn't it? This afternoon Spark was doing some squash seeds that were already dry. I told him to get out an envelope, put the seeds in it, and put squash on the envelope. He does the first two steps and comes to me and says, "you want me to step on this?" No, I want you to put squash on the envelope. He asks again, "you want me to step on this?" His quizzical look by now was one that could say I have grown another nose. At this point, I finally realize that somehow we aren't communicating like we should be. This time I say "write" squash on the envelope. He looks relieve that his mother is sane and goes off to finish his task. See how simple that was?!

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