Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dance show

Today was a busy, busy day. Dancer started basketball this morning. She had to be there at 10 a.m. for a two hour practice and then had to be at a dance show by 1:00 which was 45 minutes away. We were like that car ad, zoom, zoom, zoom. We get to the school and not only is there the dance show but a swim meet as well. We were one of the fortunate ones who got to park in the school parking lot but we had to walk at least a block across the tundra to the front doors. Well, it felt like the tundra anyway, the wind was howling and it was 25 degrees. They need to be at these things early to mark their spots on the floor which takes about 15 minutes and then we wait. The first show wasn't until 3:30 so it was a long time to sit but it gave us time to have a bite to eat and get Dancer ready with make up, hair and costume.

She was in two shows today so Spark and I didn't stay for the first one, we went shopping instead. We ended up at the mall and it was insanely packed, I thought the economy was suppose to be bad this year! Everyone and their dog was in the check out lines at Target or walking the halls at the mall. It was hard to even move around.
Between the shows we went out to eat with another family. It was really a treat as we don't usually go to sit down resturants. Our norm is to bring food with us if we are going to be gone over a meal time so we rarely eat out and if we do, it is the dollar menu at McDonalds were we get burger and have our own drinks with so we don't even go inside.
Spark and I went to the second show at 7:30 and it was good, we had front row seats. There are usually a few rows of folding chairs set up so we went in early to sit in those. Sitting in bleachers makes my back just scream out in pain after an hour or so and we were going to be sitting there for about three. Spark sat so wonderful during the whole show and was so patient all day! I thanked him over and over because if makes the day so much more enjoyable if he isn't jumping around and figiting. Here is Dancer before the show.
They had this cool picture frame set up that the dancers ran threw when they came out on to the floor. Spark also dances at the same studio, not in one of the groups that dances in these shows, and so I wanted a picture of him in the frame. It was pretty cool, it must have been about eight feet high. We left the show after Dancer's studio finished their last dance, which was before the show was over, and we still didn't get home until after 10 pm. That doesn't sound to bad but when we get home we still have chores to do. We can move pretty fast through them though when it is cold out!
Our bunny update is that none of them made it. Yesterday morning the four where still alive and well and then during the day they crawled away from each other and got too cold. One was still alive and we brought it and the mother in the house last night but it still didn't make it. I think that being brought back from the brink twice and being by itself was too much for it. We had them in the basement and it just wasn't warm enough for one alone. Next time we have a batch, which we hope is in the next day or so, we are going to put them in the garage and put the heat lamp we use for chicks over them.

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