Monday, November 24, 2008

Food shelf

For the past several years, once a month we help at a food shelf. Today was that day. I use to go alone before, it was my one day out, but now I always take Dancer with me. She helps enough to equal an adult and now we think it is beneficial for her to do some local mission work. The food shelf day is a day we always look forward to. What we do there is set up for the actual food shelf, when the people come to get food, which will take place tomorrow.
Several of the helpers are friends from our old church. With a heavy heart we switched to a church closer to our home when the price of gas got so high. Going to the food shelf keeps us connected at least once a month. This is a good thing for me because I always have good intentions of getting together with, or at least calling, friends and before I know it month, or some times several months, can have gone by. After we are done working we go out to lunch to talk and laugh. It is always a fancy, high class place too, like Wendy's or McDonald's! Well, maybe not fancy or high class, but the focus is the company not the food anyway.
Spark sometimes goes with but today he was home spending some time with Dad. He always wants to go with and help, but then after we have been there a few hours he starts asking, "when we are leaving?" It reminds me of "are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?" They passed the day doing a few chores around the house and in the barn, and school work. Both of them were smiling when we got home so they must have had fun.

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Leah said...

Hi ~

Just wanted to swing by and take a peek at your "Giving Thanks" list. It looks great! We are SO on the same wave-length, and are thankful for many of the same things! =)

Thanks for joining in this month, and for taking part in the challenge. I hope it's blessed you greatly!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Leah