Friday, November 21, 2008

MAN versus ICE

With the onset of winter and frigid weather, another season of animal winter watering begins. Here in the frozen north a nice, sunny winter day has high temps in the teens or twenties. In this weather the animals water won't thaw, infact it gets thicker! Every morning, sometimes two or three additional times the water needs to be knocked out and refilled. Only a few are practical to heat. Any chores are more work and much less fun when the weather is really cold. Because of the low temps you can't use the hose, so it's hauling 5 gallon (40 pound) pails of water. Here is a picture of the ducks water, being low and flat it always freezes. The ducks need water (or at least snow) every day, in fact if they don't have any they'll fly away. Well, the weather should be nicer in about 4 months.

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