Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

I don't think is what Les Brown and Doris Day had in mind when they recorded this song.
This morning we were playing Word Coach on the Wii. This is a really good game for kids, and adults, to work on vocabulary and spelling without the drudgery of just memorizing list of words. The games are also timed so the player really has to be a quick thinker or the games can also be played with a friend so you can tout your word knowledge. We use it for a change of pace once in a while to keep things fun. Anyway, we are playing this morning and the controller goes dead so we need to put in new batteries. We pull out the pack of batteries, pop the old ones out of the controller and put the new ones in. I get up to dispose of old ones and Spark says "wait these are the batteries I won Mario Galaxy with, I want to keep them." Now, if you knew what a mess his room constantly in you would know why I said no faster than Nikki can eat a table scrap. There are somethings I will just never understand. Sigh. I hope not being able to keep them doesn't send him into therapy some day. Here are his beloved batteries. I also found this picture on the camera when down loading it tonight. It is of Nikki lounging on the back of the couch where she doesn't belong. Since someone is taking pictures of her on the couch I am going to go out on a limb and guess that they are not up holding the rule about the dog staying off the back of the couch. She is smashing the cushions but I think they are already beyond hope. Good thing she is so cute!

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