Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wii had no idea

Yesterday when Spark and I were in the mall we were looking at the Wii games and systems. That is the area he runs to first at the store. We were looking at this display that showed all the things you can do on the Wii. One of the things was to display your pictures from your digital camera on the t.v. Now we have had the Wii system since not this last summer but the summer before and we never knew that! I guess it would have been in the instructions if we had read them lol. Anyway, if you have a SD card in your camera you can put it in the Wii and do all kinds of things with the pictures. We spent the afternoon putting sunglasses, big lips, hearts, etc. on all our pictures. Another cool thing you can do with them is turn them into puzzles from 6 to 48 pieces. You can also make a really nice slide show with music. I will have to dig up the instruction book and see what else we are missing out on!

Spark also made another turkey today to add to our ever growing turkey collection. We will have to move them off the t.v. soon because they won't all fit up there. This was one of those $1 ones that are in crafts stores. He put it together with glue dots because we have tried using regular gule on the fun foam before and have not had much success.

And our rabbit saga continues. This rabbit, Razor, had babies today. We moved them into the garage and put the heat lamp over them and now it seems she isn't feeding them. We came home tonight from open gym at the school and they were all crawling to the front of the box and were skinny. If she is feeding them they should have nice round tummys and these didn't. We pulled her out and put the babies on her. Three of them nursed but one was too weak to latch on. Oh, I hope she feeds them. She is also a first time mom and they sometimes need a litter or two to get the hang of it.

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