Sunday, November 9, 2008

Veteran's Parade

There was a Veteran's Day parade today at the VA hospital and our dance studio was one of the floats in it. The VA here has such a beautiful campus and the parade route was no exception. The temperatures, however, were not as wonderful as the campus. It was in the 20's with a blowing wind. Before the parade we were able to wait inside a building. Many, many people were handing out flags and the kids got a couple to carry in the parade. A lot of kids marched in the parade holding signs with the names of people who are over fighting now. Several of them said a name and then AKA Daddy. Many veterans were in the parade, some from the nursing home on campus were being pushed in wheelchairs. This man, who had lost a leg, was in the parade on a bike. There was a lot of clapping and cheering! This beautiful float said "Until they all come home keep a candle burning". We will start saying extra prayers for every family who is still missing a loved one. May God with his awsome power give them peace.This troop was made up of some very young men and women. I thought, what a big decision at such a young age since they would have made it knowing very well their troop could be called to go over seas to serve our country. As a mother it gives an extra pull at my heart. Here is the kids float coming down the route. Right after this the batteries in the camera were low and I couldn't turn it on and off fast enough to get a picture of them dancing. Bummer! Here they are at the end of the route. Not in action but at least a rememberance of them in the parade by the float. Afterward there was a huge reception with warm drinks, cake, a band, lots of guest speakers and best of all, a heated building.

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