Saturday, November 8, 2008

The "eyes" have it - lashes that is

Today was Dancer's first dance show of the season. It was a show at a local high school where several high school and dance schools get together to show off their stuff. There is no judging or prizes, just lots and lots of dancing. Since Dancer moved up a class this year, we entered the wonderful world of false eyelashes. One of us was thinking, "oh good grief" and the other of us was thinking, "yeah! I am old enough to get to wear eyelashes." Having gone through our whole lives without previously coming in contact with a false eyelash, we have had to practice getting these little buggers on. This morning when getting her ready I was thankfull to have that bit of experience under my belt. We did mange much less effortlessly today to get them glued on straight near her original lashes. My mother use to say "you have to suffer to be beautiful" - she was right.

Here she is all glammed up with her lashes on.
Pulling them off

They do really make a big difference
Eyelash or mustache?

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