Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Captive audience

When Dancer was 10 months old she started talking so we just assumed that Spark would talk early as well. He barely said a word, or made a sound, until he was over two years old no matter how hard we tried to get him to talk. We knew he understood everything we were saying so we didn't worry. I was never one to put much stock in those development charts they used at the doctor's office and I stayed clear of parenting magazines. When Spark did start talking it was none of this one word stuff, one day he just started talking in full blown, complete sentences. Now he hasn't stopped. I don't think a thought goes through his head that doesn't come out his mouth. I tell him sometimes that my ears are tired and they need a little rest because I get brain overload with him.

I was out in the garden for about an hour and half weeding, watering and putting in a few plants that still needed to get in the ground when Spark saw his opportunity for a chance to spin a good long yarn. My kids keep really close tabs on me all the time. I am never out of their sight more than a few minutes when I hear them start yelling ''MOM". As an aside, the other week I was out behind the barn and didn't answer because Dad was in the house with them and I thought he could take care of whatever they needed. Spark got all excited that I had been stolen and was ready to call 911 to report a missing persons report. Anyway, Spark comes out and follows me around talking and talking and talking. He has this story he is making up and he spent almost the whole time telling it to me. All I have to do is throw out a hmmm, cool, very creative, and good thinking once in a while and he just keeps going. He never really does much helping during these times, just talking to his captive audience.

I am trying to enjoy his talking. People say when kids get older they clam up and don't say a word. Neither of my kids are at that point yet.

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