Saturday, July 11, 2009

Caught the cheese

Summer is a great time as all the towns around here have a festival of some sort or another which always includes a parade. We went to one of these parades this afternoon in a near by town. I always enjoy the parades because in most of them that are near us we know a lot of the people who are in them and it is a time to yell hello and give a wave. As a spectator, part of the standard uniform for parade attendance is a shopping bag to collect all the candy that is thrown out from the floats. Today, however, we got a lot more than just your standard parade candy. Since we live in farm country the Dairy Princess is a big deal. When the Dairy Princess float went by, lo and behold, the Dairy Princess was a homeschooled girl that Dancer knows from 4-H camp and other 4-H activities. The princess sees Dancer, yells her name and hurls a huge handful of string cheese sticks at us. I have never gotten cheese at a parade before! Then the boy scouts come by and we know some of those kids and the scout leader. The leader runs up and gives us a handful of Bliss and Dove chocolates and says "this is the good candy for the moms and dads". Score again! Other floats threw out can coolers, hats, tattoos, bottles of water, freezies and the standard Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers and bulk candy. The kids came home with a shopping bag so full it looked like they had been trick or treating!

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Sarah Anne said...

The parade in my town used to have tons of stuff thrown out-but not anymore. I don't really know why.