Saturday, July 4, 2009

Relaxing celebration

Our day was pretty laid back. We spent the afternoon under the trees in the back yard sprawled out in lawn chairs reading. The neighbors who live a ways down the road lit off quite a few large fireworks as it was getting dusky. The fireworks are like the kind they shoot off in professional displays so not sure where they get them but do enjoy being able to see them from our yard. In between fireworks, we watched the lighting bugs do a show of their own in the ditches and field across the road. I always find those bugs so magical no matter how many times I see them blinking in the dark. When Dancer was little we would pretend they were fairies dancing. We weren't out there too long before the mosquitos started feasting on us and drove us back in the house early. There is popping going off all around us, the sound is really carrying tonight, so it still seems festive.

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Sarah Anne said...

I did quite a bit of relaxing myself, and saw a professional fireworks display. It was rather nice.