Thursday, July 2, 2009

A day of business

We awoke this morning with someone driving around our house. A first I thought it was a loud truck going by slowly on the road but I quickly came to and realized that it was truck in our yard. The man who delivered the hay a couple of weeks ago finally came back to get his hay wagon.

Then we were up and going to go into town to sort the roots and fruits order. Every three weeks we order veggies, fruits and other misc. items with a bunch of other people and Dancer and I always go in to help sort the order. Everyone is suppose to take turns sorting the order but Dancer likes doing it so much that we are permanent volunteers. All the food is organic and by ordering in a large group the prices are usually cheaper than regular veggies and fruit at the store, sometimes items will be half the price.

We hurried home to have lunch because a friend who we hadn't seen for many years was coming this afternoon to visit. It was so nice to visit with her and catch up. She works just a few miles from our house and yet we don't get together, usually our only contact is Christmas cards. Why do we let ourselves get so busy that we don't make time for friends? I need to make more of an effort in that area of our lives.

After she left a man came to give us an estimate on putting new windows in our house. Our house is old and the windows make it very drafty and not energy efficient. We will probably need to put in just a few at a time so we needed to have the estimate broken down further so see what we can afford. For sure we need a new sliding door. The one we have was so leaky that the curtains would blow on a windy day. A couple of years ago we caulked it shut but it still lets a lot of heat out in the winter and air conditioned air in the summer. The bathroom window also needs to be one of the first to be replaced because you can be sitting on the toilet and feel a little breeze. He did tell us that if we put in windows with special glass that perhaps we can get some kind of a rebate. We have to call our tax preparer to see what he has to say and hope it is good news, like half the price of the windows.

It was quite warm here today but not as hot as it has been lately. None the less, Dad went out to the barn and found Dancer's goat, Eeyore, laying unresponsive in the barn. Dancer had brought him out apple peels after lunch and he was fine so he couldn't have been like that too long. Dad ran out of the barn with him and into the shade. The cooler air brought him around a bit and with help he was able to stand. He was foaming at the mouth and panting through his nose. We misted him with the hose as we were afraid that if we blasted him with cold water he would go into shock. Within a few minutes he stopped panting and was standing on his own. We kept misting him and he started walking around in circles, didn't respond to his name and didn't seem like he could see. We got the mineral block and picked some of the mineral off and put it in his mouth. A few more minutes, some more misting and he really started coming around. We brought out one of his other goat friends, all the others were perfectly fine, and put the two of them in the chicken house we put baby chicks in. Pretty soon he was back to normal. I was so glad, Dancer is so attached to him and if anything would have happened my heart would have just broke for her. I am sure the tears would have flowed for days. She really loves that little guy and kept kissing his head to make him feel better. A couple of weeks ago, when it was really hot out, Dancer had him out laying in the sun with her and he was drooling and really hot. That time we hosed him down and he was fine in less than a minute although we caught him as soon as he looked too hot. Now we will have to keep a very close eye on him since it is obvious he is sensitive to the heat.

We cleaned nine rabbits tonight. Spark still had his bunnies for sale sign out and was hoping to sell them but he hasn't sold any for a few weeks. One rabbit has some little ones that can leave their mother so he will keep the sign out and he has another rabbit with nine babies that would be ready to sell in about two weeks.

We got in the house at 7:00 and still needed to think of and make a dinner. Dancer checked the messages on the phone. I had a message that a meeting at church was cancelled tonight. Thankfully it was because I had forgotten all about it after the excitement of Eeyore needing our immediate attention. The chairperson had the same kind of day we did and so she cancelled as there wasn't much on the agenda and the other member couldn't make the meeting. Seems God worked our schedules out for us to be harried on the same day.

Finally, dinner is cleaned up, chores are done, we relaxed with the kids a few minutes, Spark and I got further into the book we are reading and the kids are tucked into bed. Whew! Every day this week has been like this. Tomorrow, however, a much quieter day is planned.

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Sarah Anne said...

I'm glad Eeyore is okay. I wouldn't want anyone to lose their friend; it's awful. Keep that little goatling cool! Of course, he probably all ready is pretty cool, seeing as he's a goat. Goats are cool. :)