Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cloud poems

By Spark

Clouds are islands in the sky
In the dark night they disappear

When people cry
their eyes are rain clouds

We were coming home from town the other day and Spark thought of first poem. Usually he is playing his Nintendo DS because the only time he can play it is in the car or when waiting for Dancer at dance class. I surprised me that he was back there in his seat writing poems!

Today he wrote the poem down so we don't forget it and when he handed it to me the second poem was on the paper. Again, I was pleasantly surprised that he was writing poems in the summer when he doesn't even have too. My boy who doesn't like to write! Can you tell I am smiling at this development?

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Sarah Anne said...

Once we kids figure out we can do something, we don't like it. "Oh, I can write. Don't want to anymore 'cause I know I can. Oh, I can read. Don't want to anymore 'cause I know I can." We need encouragement! :)

Well done, kiddo!