Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free is a good price

We drove by a greenhouse that was advertising 70% off all remaining plants. Since we didn't get any flowers for the pots in the front of the house we stopped to take a look at what they had left. We bought a flat of geraniums for $12.00 that are in very good shape and full of buds that will be enough for not only the pots but also a couple of hanging baskets. Down one whole side of the greenhouse they had vegetable plants and they were all free. They must have thought it would be more cost effective to give them away instead of filling a dumpster, that was how many they had there, and paying to have it dumped. We picked up a Roma and a cherry tomato plant, some collard greens and summer crooked necked squash. They look a bit scrawny from still being in pots but with a little TLC they should be caught up in a week or two. I was pretty excited, I usually hear about things like this but never run across them myself!

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Shari said...

und one of these deals myself, but I'm happy you did!