Friday, July 31, 2009

We are awsome!

Imagine our surprise when we were checking other blogs and happened over to Home Spun Juggling, found this blog award and it had our blog listed on the bottom. Sounds like fun so we are making the post and adding seven people we think have awe-summm blogs.

The rules:

1. List seven things that make you Awe-summm.
2. Pass this on to seven bloggers you read religiously.
3. Tag those seven bloggers.

Since this a family blog I asked the kids what they thought made our family awe-summ and this was their answers.

1. We get to stay up late and sleep in. Actually, our kids go to bed earlier than they ever had in their life. Their bed time is 10:00 and we try to have them settled by 11 - 11:30. We are night owls and I was never one to conform to society rules when they don't make any difference in our lives. I was that lady shopping at Target at 10:30 at night with her kids in tow checking out the toys that everyone was pointing at. People use to actually scold me for letting the kids stay up so late. I would just smile and nod so they could feel like they were giving me good parenting advice. My little gift to the grandmas of the word.

2. We have animals especially the rabbits said Spark. I have drawn the line though at a gerbil. They just seems like too much work to me.

3. We cook good meals and Spark appreciates that we eat (for the most part) organic. Fish sticks make me queasy and I despise microwaved food. This comes from my childhood. If it came in a box and my mother could microwave it, we ate it. The microwave came on the market when I was in Jr. High and we were one of the first families I knew who had one, other kids were spared a couple of years before that device made it into their kitchens. My mom fell head over heels in love with the thing. I always said that if she could get the Thanksgiving turkey in the microwave she would have cooked it in there.

4. We do a lot of fun stuff. When you can have a good time doing chores who needs Disney World.

5. We read a lot of books. Makes me smile that they mentioned this one.

6. We have a huge yard to play in.

7. We are homeschooled and have a lot of freedom over what we get to do. My kids don't really get the concept of peer pressure and tend to be free spirits. I wonder how many notes I would have gotten home from school by now?

And Spark thinks our family would be much more awe-summ if we had some flying, burping monkeys.

Here are the seven blogs we are passing this on to. Don't know if they all read us or not but we read them. Leave us a message if you do.

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Shari said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you! I've never gotten an award before!!! That's so nice! I read nearly every day now, I love that I've found another family so similar to ours.