Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crocheted Dodecahedron with Points

Dodecahedron or pollen spore?

This was quite fun to make and came together rather quickly.  The pattern said it was intermediate but once you figure out how to connect each of the points it is really quite easy.  After the first three points are together it is smooth sailing from there.  I only ended up having to tear out one partial point before it made sense how to connect them.   Don't let intermediate scare you away.  The directions are here.  I did not use Alpaca yarn as they did, although that would make it really, really nice, the price would be way out of reach for a project such as this.  Something I am not even sure what we are going to do with except throw it around like a ball and maybe I will put it in the county fair next year under stuffed toy or something.  I used a partial skein of yarn that I had left over from a scarf which made the price quite minimal, maybe a dollar or two including the stuffing.

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