Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last time swimming outside this year

While the kids were swimming in the heated pool at Grandma's I was huddled under a towel.  The kids didn't want to get out because it was too cold so we let them swim three hours.  It was the last time of the year after all and the plan is to drain the pool on Tuesday.  The time we can swim outdoors is so short here that we need to take advantage of it while we can.  I went to Atlanta one year for a conference in October where it was still really nice out.  We asked why the pools were all drained when it was still so nice and the lady looked at us and said "your from up north aren't you?"  Apparently they think temps in the 70's is too cold.  If we didn't swim when it was in the 70's we would have about two weeks out of the year to swim.

Dancer rescued this damsel fly from the pool.  Were were able to ooh and aah over him and take a couple pictures while his wings were drying.  Once they were dry he was off like a shot.

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