Friday, September 17, 2010

You Can't Get There From Here

On the way home from town the other day we had to stop for a road block manned by a couple of sheriff's deputies.  There was an overturned tractor trailer blocking the road ahead.  The deputy told us the 2 possible ways around the blockage.  I groaned as each was a long way out of the way.

The trouble with the area of the crash is that there is a really big wetland between town and our house.  Part of the wetland is Swamp Lake and Tamarack Bog, an area of State and Federal conservation land.  The much larger portion is under used parts of farm fields, woods etc.  Below is part of the bog.  The farm in the background is about a mile away or 30 minutes by car. 

The two possible routes home are about 15 miles apart and really don't put me anywhere near my house.  I find it odd how many times we are driving and really pretty close to our destination but have no easy way to get there.  Historians say this county was one of the "wettest" in the country during prohibition.  It's easy to see why as you can often see a near by farm or house but can't get to it in less than half an hour.  Plenty of time to dismantle and hide the still.

All in all I am glad for this because I'm sure it is part of the reason we are close to town and also in such a rural setting.

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