Saturday, September 18, 2010

Full moon mayhem

We go out to the barn tonight to do chores and it was pure chaos.  This first odd thing was that there was a full grown bird floating dead in one of the goat waters.  Swallows nest in the barn rafters in the summer so we will every now and then find a baby bird in a goat water but not a full grown one and not in mid-September. 

Yesterday, Dancer's goat Eeyore was having seizures.  It takes him a while to get back to regular after he has these episodes so we sort of expected him to be a bit out of it.  We had some stale cashews that we found in the back of the cupboard and gave them to him.  He loved them so much that he grabbed the bag from Dancer and dropped it in the middle of his pen.  Then he started walking in circles around and around it.  Every once in a while he would stop and sniff it and then start circling again.  The only time he would stop this was to head butt a chicken when they got in his house.  Why they were running in and out of his house we don't know. 

The rest of the chickens were all whipped up.  I had sprinkled a few of cashews on the floor before giving them to Eeyore and the chickens would run off and then run over to grab a nut, then run off and run back for another nut, and so on.  Usually they just stand and wait to be fed, some of them are so bold as to jump up at whatever container we have their snacks in.  While I was sitting and milking they were running back and forth and coming over to me and trying to jump up at me to where I had to keep shooing them off. 

To settle the chickens down, Spark went in the room off the side of barn and was going to get a scoop of chicken feed for them.  While he was in there a mouse, mice and/or rats are inevitable in barn, which Vidalia the cat starting chasing.  She got it out of the side room and was chasing it around the corral.  When she had grown tired of the mouse she came in the barn and was looking around, she never comes in the barn. 

Amongst all this chaos I keep milking and when it is Desdemona's turn to be milked, she gets up on the stand and falls off.  The only thing that kept her up was that Dancer was hanging on to her on one side and I was sitting on the side she started falling off of.  The goats never fall off the stand, what is up?  

I finished Desdemona up and said to Dancer I was going out to see if it was a full moon.  Sure enough, there shining down on us from the sky a full moon, or close enough to count as one in our barn tonight.   


Just an Average American Mom said...

That is so funny!

I am sure it was rather annoying at the time but it sounds like life around here!!

Catching up with blogs. I have been out of the loop for EVER it seems.

Life gets crazy busy sometimes!

Have a great day!

April said...

I know animals act funny where there is bad weather or earthquakes. Any chance there were some mild tremors they were feeling?