Friday, September 24, 2010

Dad's House

This is the house that Dad lived in up until the 6th grade.

After 6th grade he moved to the area where I lived.  We lived in different towns but went to the same high school.

His parents bought this house for $17,000 40 years ago.  They sold it for $36,000 some 30 years ago.

It is for sale today for $450,000.  If the market was better I am sure it would be worth more as it started at $475,000.  Even at $400,000 more than what his parents sold it for it would be a profit of over $1,000 a month just for living in the house for 30 years.  Dancer said that Grandma and Grandpa should never have sold that house.  Spark quickly reminded her that if they hadn't he and Dancer wouldn't exist.  Isn't it amazing how someones decision to sell a house so long ago could make such a difference in what our lives are today? 

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