Monday, September 13, 2010

Up close and personal

We have peppers coming out our ears, so many they are turning red on the vines, and don't know what to do with them.  Last year we dried a bunch of them, which I could do again but I still have loads from last year.

I don't usually do any changes to photos but this one I liked over exposed.

Foxtail seeds ready to drop into the garden to make even more weeds next year.

Spark planted a whole row of sunflowers and ended up with three thanks to a hungry, little rabbit.

Ants in a squash flower.  We had lots of flowers but no fruit.  Then there was a plant that came as a volunteer in the goat corral and it has about 10 big butternuts on it.  Why do I bother to water and mulch?

The most of the leaves are still hanging on tight but it is really starting to look yellow when we look out.  The leaves aren't very pretty this year, instead they are all just fading into a dingy yellow.  I love when they are bright yellow, orange and red.  I don't know if they are dull because we had so much rain this year or because we went from temps in the 90's one day to 60's the next, or is that just the way it goes some years.

Now that it is fall, Owly has decided that she is going to get broody.  Why didn't she feel that way in the spring? As far as I can tell, she pecks at us when we get close, she only has one egg she is sitting on.  One is better than none but since no one felt like being a mother this year we will probably buy some chicks in the spring as we are down to five hens and usually a couple don't make it through the winter.

This is Carmel who was broody and sat on a pile of hay behind a garbage can most of June and July.  Problem was she failed to lay any eggs before she sat down.  After about six weeks she must have thought her eggs weren't going to hatch because she came out and joined the other hens when it got to wet for them to be in their coop.  Carmel is always out of the coop, she gets special treatment because the other chickens couldn't be nice to her when they are cooped up.   I don't know if she lays any eggs now or not, she is a pretty old girl and when they get old they dont' lay very regularly.


A leaf that almost made it to the ground before getting tangled in a spider web.  I wonder what spiders think when that happens.

Scott, our rabbit buck.  We are done breading for the year so he can just rest until spring.

Our peeling shed.  Every year I think we need to scrape and repaint the shed and every year it doesn't get done.  As shown by the picture, we are getting to the point where it can't be put off much longer.

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