Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mine's bigger...

I heard, from several national news sources this summer, that the Iowa state fair is the largest in the nation.  I thought this seemed unlikely since Minnesota is more populous and, well, just cooler than Iowa.  Below, a picture of a street at the Minnesota state fair.  The record attendance was 1,762,976 last year, yet another milestone.  Iowa's state record, a paltry 1,109,150.

LOOK!!!  It's Reggie!!!  Minnesota's current largest boar. weighing in at 1,450 pounds.  Iowa's state record boar? Oh, I forget the name, was it Junior?  Tiny?  Peanut?  Well, I do remember the weight, 1,259 pounds.   

By the way, the previous record was Curt in 1994, he weighed 1,340 pound.  Hey, see you at the fair.

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