Thursday, September 9, 2010


Our day was just full of one disappointments after another.  When I am disappointed I just sort of shrug it off as "oh well," but when it happens to the kids it bothers me a lot more.

The first disappointment happended when we were signing in at the YMCA for gym.  My phone rang and it was the owner of the studio where Dancer dances.  The tap class that Dancer was signed up for only had one student in it - Dancer.  The studio can't afford to have a class of one and Dancer doesn't want to be in a class of one, she wants to be in a class with other students.  What fun is a class of one?  I kind of thought this could happen but when it got this close to the class, we were already in town, I thought great, she did get a class together.  Dancer's other choice was to join a rec. class but she doesn't want to do ballet or jazz.  If she was going to do ballet and jazz she would have stayed in a show line.  Then she was offered to just come to the first 45 minutes of the rec. class and they would always do tap first.  I thought that sounded iffy at best.  They may start off doing tap first but things can change as the year goes on and pretty soon they are doing tap the first half hour or they need to work more on the other dances or any other host of things that could come up with that plan.  We went in and met with the owner and told her that Dancer only wants to tap dance.  She is going to make a few calls to people who were on the fence about the class, she lost her Celtic tap teacher last year to a job move so all those kids don't have a class.  So she will hopefully find a few students and we are telling everyone we know.  She will hold the class if there are three students.  How hard can it be to find two others who want to tap dance?  Not too hard we hope.  I just can't imagine her not dancing. 

Next we went to the library to pick up a book we have on reserve.  No book.  The woman who shelves the reserves is a homeschool mom and so we ask her if she would go back and look through the holds.  No book.  We need to go into town tomorrow so we can stop in and check to see if it has some how turned up.

After that we were off to the mall.  I told the kids we would get a Blizzard at the Dairy Queen before Dancer danced, this was before we knew the class was canceled, because we had a punch card for a free Blizzard.  Spark order the French Silk Pie Blizzard, which is heavenly by the way.  They have no whipped cream.  Really, Dairy Queen can run out of whipped cream?!

At the place we got our new car, the service department had a Beta fish on the counter which the kids thought was really cool.  Ever since then we have been toying with the idea of getting one for our kitchen counter.  Since the Blizzard with out whipped cream was a disappointment I told the kids we could go to the pet shop to look at the Betas.  We walk to that end of the mall to the pet store than has been there since I was a little kid, so more than 40 years, and the store is gone.  The windows are black and the door is actually boarded up.  How is this possible? 

We stopped at another pet store on the way home and then skipped the rest of our stops in fear of what else could possibly be waiting for us.  Tomorrow can only be better.

We didn't get a Beta.  While the Beta is only $3.99, by the time you buy the tank and Beta water (I don't know if a fish could live in our heavy mineral ladden water well water or the soft water) the little guy now costs about $35.00.  We will keep looking, I am sure if we aren't in a pet store we can find a fish bowl for less than $20.00. 


jugglingpaynes said...

We used bottled or distilled water for our betas. They also sell these fizzy tablets to condition beta water. You only have to change the water every month (or part of the water every couple of weeks)so it's not that big of an expense. Ours all lived happily in their Peace Lily vase for 1-2 years. The big secret: Don't feed them too much. Just a pinch every other day is fine. You'll know he's happy if he starts building a bubble nest for the lucky lady beta that he's sure will swim by. ;o)

Peace and Laughter and Better Days!

Stacy said...

That is a lot of disappointments to hit in one day! Luckily, the new week can start with only positives to balance it out ;)

I hope Dancer gets to dance!