Friday, September 10, 2010

I feel useless

The morning started with me snoozing the alarm for over 40 minutes.  I don't usually have to set the alarm so it buzzing every nine minutes was really disturbing my last almost hour of sleep.  I was feeling way more ambitious last night when I set the alarm than I did this morning when it started going off.  Funny how often that happens.

Spark had his first day of a Friday Fun Phy Ed program.  We got there and I was slumped on the bleachers. One of the other moms looked over at me and said I looked tired.   Yeah, I had one of those nights where you keep waking up over and over.  I also had really bizarre dreams which makes the night even more restless.  The phy. ed class was wonderful.  A couple of moms put it together and today they did track and field events, they even had the history and Olympic records for each sport the kids got to try.  I was impressed which how much work they had put into it.  I slogged along to the different events and was a half peppy cheerleader.  By the time we left I had a headache. 

Grandma and Grandpa, my parents, were coming to visit at 2:00 p.m. so we needed to run by the store to pick up some items so I could make a snack for when they were here.  We went through the store and I was glad that when we got home I would be able to take a couple aspirin and sit for a little bit before I needed to get things ready for when they would get here.  My hope was that the aspirin and a diet Coke would knock out my headache.

I pull up to the mailbox to check the mail and there is their car.  Their 2:00 some how got changed to 12:15 and it was now 12:45.  When Spark and I walked in they were already sitting at the table with a bag of chips waiting for us to get home.  Dancer, my wonder daughter, had made a pan of brownies and cleaned the house while we were gone. 

After they left I thought we should do something schooly today so Spark and I read a book about how the Egyptians worshiped their cats and mummified them.  It didn't seem like such a long book until we stared reading it and it just kept getting longer and longer and longer.  By the time we were done I told Spark I just needed to lay over on the couch for awhile and please get me a blanket.  The dog curled up with me under the blanket and an hour and half later I woke up in time to make sure the kids had clean clothes on before Grandma Pat came to get them for a concert she wanted to go to.  She took them to a concert and out to diner, what a wonderful woman.

In the four hours they were gone Dad and I watched a movie and milked the goats.  We talked about going to a movie but it sounded like too much work to get up and drive into town.  We checked the listing and it didn't sound like there was anything that great playing anyway.  Dad wasn't feeling too ambitious either, he just came off working three nights in a row. 

So for the whole day I managed to take Spark to phy. ed., pick up a few groceries, read Spark a book and help milk the goats.  Shouldn't be too hard to beat that tomorrow.  I guess I did manage to make up the word "schooly" today since my spell checker doesn't know what that means.  That's worth something isn't it?

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Swimtaxi said...

"I guess I did manage to make up the word "schooly" today since my spell checker doesn't know what that means."

LOL ... the spell checker might not know, but any homeschooler would know.