Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anvil Sandwich

Here is how we make our anvil sandwich.

Gather everything needed.  This takes some preplanning because I don't normally have all the sandwich meats on hand at the same time.  We usually like to put on a combination of about three or four meats.  This time we are using hard salami, turkey breast and pepperoni.  The other staples for the sandwich  include a Frenchish type loaf bread, Italian dressing, mayo, pickles, cheese (one or more kinds), onion and tomato.  Other things can be added but with too much more it get rather soggy and the insides fall out when you bite it. 

The bread can either be cut in half length wise or in thirds length wise so there is a middle strip of bread in the sandwich (think Big Mac bun assembly).  I like three as then the bread isn't so thick on the top and bottom and the middle piece soaks up some of the moistness of the fixings.  Drizzle the Italian dressing over the bread. 

Spread mayo over the bread after the Italian dressing and layer the cheese.  We use Munster, which also makes an awesome grilled cheese.

Layer on the meat - hard salami.

If this was Subway, Dancer would be our sandwich artist.


Turkey breast and tomato

Onion and pickle spears.

Put the top on.  If the bread had been cut into three layers instead of two, half way through the fixings you chose the middle layer would have been added.  This looks so good but it isn't done yet.  Wrap the whole sandwich in saran wrap as tight as you can get it, wrapping a paper towel around the sandwich first eliminates the bread from getting to soggy, and put it in the fridge for a least a couple of hours.  Overnight refrigeration makes the best sandwich but a few hours is perfectly good.  If we know we want one for lunch the next day we will make it right before going to bed. 

Slice and enjoy!

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Swimtaxi said...

You just need a little olive spread and you would be close to having a muffaletta sandwich. Both would be yummy right now.